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Stock Scramble Stock Scramble
Use the following tips and hints to improve your game-play for this game.

  1. Keep moving
    Always keep moving and try to stay ahead of the boss enemies.  They will track you down wherever you are so donít go into an area with only one way out without a plan for getting past the enemies.
  2. Blast out floor tiles
    This will give you extra time to get away and pick up your stock options.  If you blast out two tiles in a row, youíre likely to trap the boss enemy so that he has to respawn in a different part of the level.
  3. Watch for re-spawning enemies
    You will hear the elevator dinging and see the red light flashing on the elevator when a new boss enemy is about to exit out of it.  Be careful around elevators like this.
  4. Restroom doors
    If youíre in a bind and there is a restroom door nearby, enter it to hide from the bosses.     You only have a few seconds of hiding so make it worth it.
  5. Powerups
    Pickup the coffee cups to get an extra speed boost and pick up the cash that appears around the level to get extra bonus points.

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