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  Tips & Hints
Cubicle Chaos Cubicle Chaos
Use the following tips and hints to improve your game-play for this game.

  1. Multi-ball mode
    The best way to hit a lot of cubicles is to collect the money bonus item and activate 3 balls at once.  Keep these three balls active as long as possible for maximum hits.
  2. Tunneling ball mode
    The best was to plow through several rows or columns of cubicles is to get into tunneling ball mode.  The wall will continue on through the cubicles, only bouncing off of walls and indestructible items.
  3. Multi-ball / Tunneling ball mode
    The optimal mode is to be in both tunneling ball and multi-ball mode.  In this mode you can quickly destroy most cubicles on the level.  Try to collect both the money and paycheck items to activate this mode.
  4. Laser Pointer
    Collect the laser pointer and shoot at those cubicles which are difficult to contact with the ball.
  5. Bad bonus items
    Try to avoid the Boss, Pink Slip, and the coffee cup.  These items will make it very difficult to control the paddle and/or hit the ball.

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