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Task Master Task Master
You can play this game completely with the mouse.   Holding the left mouse button down on the screen and dragging will scroll the viewport around.    To assign an employee a skill, you click on the skill buttons at the bottom of the screen and then click on the employee.  You will see a number on the skill buttons that tell you how many remaining skills you have to assign.  There is a red box around the number to show you which skill is currently selected.  You will hear a sound effect and watch that number decrement when the skill is assigned to the employee.  Skills such as parachute and sweeper are set once, and are good until the employee exits the level or meets an untimely death.  For example if you apply the parachute skill to an employee walking towards a ledge, the skill may be assigned but you won’t see it until he starts falling.  If he were to fall off another ledge, then he would reuse that skill again automatically.  Some skills like building ramps can be canceled by clicking on the employee again with the building ramp button selected.  If will not use up another skill, it will just cancel his current action.

Gameplay Objects
  • Employees – These are the guys that you have to get out safely.  They’re not too bright.  Watch them carefully.
  • Entrance Elevator – This is the portal through which the employees enter the level.  When an employee meets an untimely death on the level, he will respawn from here.  The briefcase counter on the bottom interface shows you how many more employees are in line to enter the level.
  • Exit Home – This is the final goal for your employees.  You must get them safely to the exit in the allotted time.  You will see the “home” counter incremented for every employee that makes it to the exit safely.
  • Elevators – In most levels there are a number of  “one-way” elevators that will take your employees towards the exit (or frustratingly take them away from it).  It is up to you to insure that your employees don’t get on the wrong elevator.  You’ll notice that the employees will only get on the elevator in either its up or down position.   They get off automatically and start on their way again.  You can get an elevator to close it’s doors and move immediately from it’s loading position by clicking on the elevator.
  • Various Objects – Objects like copiers, etc. are just there to get in your way.   Most likely you need to build a ramp over them to get your employees towards the exit.
  • Pink Slip Boss – If your employees come too close to these guys, they will hand your employees pink slips and fire them.  Those employees will have to start all over again back at the entrance.
  • Meeting Room Doors – Don’t let your employees stray near a meeting room.  They’ll get yanked in and will have to start over again at the entrance.
  • Coffee Cup and Water Cooler – These are also traps you’ll want to avoid.
  • Stock Options – Are bonus items you can have your employees pick up along the way.
  • Paper Chutes Don't let your employees get smothered in paper.   Most likely you need to build a ramp over them or run them quickly past these traps to get your employees towards the exit

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