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  King Sol Solitaire 2004
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  King Sol (Windows)
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  Cubicle Chaos
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Stock Scramble Stock Scramble
Control your hero by using the Left, Right, Up, Down arrow buttons and the Fire Left (Ctrl), and Fire Right (Alt) keys on your PC keyboard.

Gameplay Objects
  • Bosses – They will hunt you relentlessly through the level to stop you in your tracks.  Do not let them touch you.  When they pickup a stock option, they will either blink or change color.   They will drop them when they fall into a hole you have blasted , or in other cases they might randomly drop them or throw them at you when you are on the same level as a boss.  If they are thrown at you, use the duck key to avoid getting knocked out and having to start the level over.
  • Elevators – These are the portals that the enemies respawn out of.  When you trap a boss inside a closing tile, he will eventually respawn and come out of the elevator that has the flashing red indicator.
  • Stock Options – These are the items of your affection.  Pick them all up to reveal the exit ladders that take you to the next level.  Some will require crafty blasting to be picked up without getting yourself trapped inside a wall or floor.
  • Cash Bonus – Collect the $100 bills that randomly appear throughout the level to receive a quick cash bonus.  Hurry, because if you don’t pick them up quickly enough they will disappear.
  • Speed Powerup – Collect the coffee cup to give you a time limited speed boost as you move through the level.
  • Restroom Doors – Men’s and Women’s room doors can be located on some levels.  You can briefly enter these rooms to hide from the bosses.   Sometimes the current occupants won’t want  you coming into the restroom and will kick you immediately out.

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