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Fire Drill Fire Drill
The mouse is used to control the heroís actions.  To move to a location, left-click the mouse anywhere on the open floor and the hero will walk to that spot.  Also, you can click-and- hold the left mouse button down and the hero will continue walking in that current direction. 

To extinguish an object, click it with the mouse.  The object will highlight and the hero will move within firing range and shoot.  Be cautious when selecting your target because the hero will ignore everything else in an effort to extinguish the target object.

The hero can collect power-ups, such as the fire extinguisher and medical kit, by clicking on them with the mouse.

Gameplay Objects
  • Flammable objects, such as desks, trash cans and filing cabinets can catch on fire.  A normal fire will have an orange/yellow color, while a raging fire will have a red/yellow color.  These must be put out quickly before they start spewing forth fireballs.  The flammable object must be targeted directly for it to be extinguished.
  • Fireballs roam around the level looking for the closest object within line-of-sight to set on fire.  They arenít very smart and can easily get stuck in a room.   Any fireball that comes into contact with your extinguisher blast or a pool of water will be put out.  There are a maximum number of fireballs allowed in the level at any given time to prevent the player from becoming totally overwhelmed.
  • Non-flammable objects, such as printers, copiers, fax machines, plants, chairs, sinks and toilets cannot be set on fire and act as an obstacle for both the player and the fireballs.
  • Fire extinguishers replenish your ammo only if you are below 100%, so be careful not to needlessly waste them.
  • Medical kits replenish your health only if you are below 100%, so be careful not to waste them.
  • Water coolers can be tipped over to help extinguish any fireballs that come into contact with the pool of water.  The pool of water evaporates a little after each fireball comes into contact with it until it totally disappears.
  • A fire hose can be used to clear out a room full of fireballs.  As you move, it will automatically shoot any fireball that is within range.  However, it will not target a flammable object on its own.  This power-up has a limited time and can quickly use up your ammo.  Note that this power-up only works when you are moving.  An icon will appear in the lower left corner when you collect the power-up and will briefly flash before it expires.
  • The fire alarm in the lower right corner indicates which direction(s) youíll find flammable objects and fireballs that are off screen.

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